The Minestone Network (server IP: is a multi-mode server network with a wide assortment of game modes:

  • Creative (peaceful): A creative plot world which can support massive builds and ultimate innovation.
  • Minigames (peaceful): Competitive games like parkour through which you can hone your skills and compete for the top.
  • Skyblock (PvE): A high adventure experience that begins with you on a tree in the middle of a literal nowhere.
  • Survival (PvE): The classic Minecraft experience, with a bit of added convenience and claim protection.
  • Factions (PvP): Coordinated large-scale conflict with large groups of friends and foes.
  • Chaos (PvP): The ultimate no-holds-barred Minecraft experience.

All game modes are accessible through our hub, which can be accessed through any game mode by using the /hub command.

We currently support Minecraft version 1.13.2, and will be backwards compatible once the required plugins are updated by the community.