Information on plugins we add to the server.

We add new plugins all the time to give players more things to do within the game. The newest one we have just added is called McMMO. A plugin that allows the players to level up there gear and become more powerful over time. The more they play the more they get. You can even get new ranks in Factions while ranking your items within the game, The plugin we use for that is called AutoRank. With this plugin we can make players stay and play to get there rank or they can pay for there rank. Giving the players on Minestone the choose, wait or pay.

This story will be updated more to show off the new things with add to the servers and tell you a little bit about them. We will not be giving out all are plugins but the ones that we think are ones that are players should know about and use :)  

Added Reward Voting today (Date: 20 November 2018)

Do /vote on the server now get $100 and a Diamond, You can do this every 24 Hours (Only in Factions server right now)

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