Minestone is quite permissive about behaviors we allow on our network.  There are only three universal rules we expect all of our players to abide by:

  • No Hacking.  This includes abusing server flaws or limitations (ie: item duplication, bypassing claim protection, building lag machines, etc) as well as using any client modifications which would give one player an inequitable competitive advantage over another player (ie: x-ray, tracers, speed hacks, aimbots, etc).  We do allow client modifications that do not give one player an inequitable competitive advantage over another player (ie: zoom, mini maps that only track surface blocks and waypoints).  Consider this your first and only warning.  Hacking ruins the game for everyone, ultimately including the hacker.
  • Practice good game chat etiquette.  This means: no spamming, no advertising 3rd party goods or services, no cursing, no verbal harassment, no sexually explicit language, no racist or sexist or homophobic slurs or remarks, no threats to physically harm yourself or others and no full-caps or excessively punctuated messages.
  • No obscene constructions.  This includes hate symbols and graphic depictions of  sexual acts.  Besides being annoying, we often have Twitch streamers on our network who are prohibited from broadcasting such material.

Mini maps that track entities and underground blocks are functionally indistinguishable from x-ray and tracer mods and may be perceived as such by our operators.  If you use a mini map mod, please configure it to not track entities or underground blocks, otherwise you may end up banned for using x-ray or tracer mods.

Players found to be in violation of these simple rules will be warned or (usually) banned at our moderators' discretion.  There are no appeals and all decisions are final.